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AO Art Prints

Ambleside Online Art Prints

Angela's local ministry requires more of her time; therefore, she is no longer offering her services in mailing out art prints. However, Nicole Williams be making prints available as pdf files for you to print yourself.

How to Download and Print at Home:

If you have a color printer and would like to have access to all the .pdf files for the prints made available on the special email list, click the link to join the AO art prints e-loop. Once you join you may go to the files section and download any of the files you wish at no charge. All you will need is the latest Adobe Reader which you can download at no charge. The files section will also include print and paper instructions/techniques for getting the best quality prints. [If you have problems with the files or need technical assistance, please post to the regular AO list; Angela is no longer the list-owner of the AOArtPrints yahoo group.]

The Advisory wishes to thank Angela for making these prints available for the past few years, and Nicole for carrying on this ministry.

Greetings, fellow AO home educators!

All sets are available for ordering, yet let me remind you that we all work on the artist scheduled during each term at the same time. You are welcome to purchase any set you like, as they are all very nice and can be used as alternate art studies. You can either store the prints in a plastic sleeve in your child's art binder or temporarily frame them - they frame well in low humidity areas. They are printed each on 8.5 x 11 photo quality paper with high-quality ink.

Every effort has been made to provide you with the best quality print. They're each separated by tissue or velum and shipped in a sturdy laminate folder. Listed here are the artists we've studied thus far, and color-coded according to year studied:

1. Albrecht Durer (6 prints) Winter 1999
2. Caravaggio (6 prints) Spring 2000
3. Gericault/Delacroix (9 prints) Fall 2000
4. Watteau/Fragonard (6 prints) Winter 2000
5. Botticelli/Verrocchio (7 prints) Spring 2001
6. Renoir/Rodin (6 prints) Fall 2001
7. Ruisdael/de Hooch (6 prints) Winter 2001
8. Seurat/Cezanne/Gauguin (6 prints) Spring 2002
9. Copley/Stuart (7 prints) Fall 2002
10. Degas/Manet (7 prints) Winter 2003
11a. Hudson River School (6 prints - Basic Set) Spring 2003
     11b. Hudson River School (6 prints - Further Interest Pack) Spring 2003
12a. Rubens/Velazquez (6 prints - Basic Set) Fall 2003
     12b. Rubens/Velazquez (5 prints - Further Interest Pack) Fall 2003
13. Corot/Courbet (6 prints) - Winter 2004
14a. Jacques-Louis David (6 prints Basic Set) Spring 2004
     14b. Jacques-Louis David (5 prints - Further Interest Pack) Spring 2004
15. Mary Cassatt (6 prints) Fall 2004 (download pdf file of all 6 prints)
16. Giotto di Bondone (6 prints) Winter 2004
17. Winslow Homer (6 prints) Spring 2005
18. Michelangelo (7 prints) Fall 2005
19. Vermeer (6 prints) Winter 2005
20. John Waterhouse (6 prints) Spring 2006
21. Pieter Breugel the Elder (6 prints) Fall 2006
22. J.M.W. Turner (6 prints) Winter 2007
23. Titian (6 prints) Spring 2007
24. Leonardo DaVinci (6 prints) Fall 2007 (note: pdf file includes 7 prints; download here)
25. Rembrandt van Rijn (6 prints) Winter 2008
26. Jan Van Eyck (7 prints) Spring 2008
27. Sandro Botticelli (6 prints) Fall 2008 - Set w/o nudity - $17; Set with nudity - $17; Set with all nine prints (nude/modest mix) - $20. Unless otherwise noted, the "modest" set of six will be sent. If you don't mind the nudity, please be sure to request that with your payment. If you want all nine prints, please send $20 with your request.
28. Caspar David Friedrich (6 prints) Winter 2009
29. Vincent Van Gogh (6 prints) Spring 2009

Angela is no longer offering these prints, please do not email her to ask her to send you prints.

Each set is $17 postage-paid

(that includes out-of-country shipping).
Sets specifically labeled "Further interest packs" are $14 if ordering with the $17 basic set.
If not, they are also $17 each.

Due to postage costs, it's not possible to provide a shipping discount for ordering multiple sets.
If you order two or more sets, they are $17 each.

You may send your payment via Paypal to
(your subject line should read: Art Prints)
Please log on to to send payment.
Sorry, I'm not able to send paypal invoices for prints.
If you prefer not to use paypal, a personal check is gladly accepted.

Email orders or questions: Please put "Art Prints" in your subject line for a quicker response time and to keep emails from ending up in the spam folder. Please be sure to include a return address and name of the set(s) you'd like in your inquiry. This is an option to finding the prints on your own. This is not a business for me and I'm not making money on this endeavor. I am a member of this group and only wish to provide a service to this wonderful group.

Last Updated Mar 2009, LNL