Exam Questions and Key Year 11/Semester 1


      1. Give an account of Korah's rebellion, Or, "Must I not take heed to speak that which the Lord hath put in my mouth?" Tell the story. (Numbers 16 or 23:12)

      2. What was the purpose of the Cities of Refuge? How many can you name? (Numbers 35:6-34)

      3. What blessings and/or curses did God promise Israel as they entered the land? or, Tell about the treaty with the Gibeonites. (Deuteronomy 28; Joshua 9)


      Write 8-10 lines of poetry from memory.



      1. Discuss the choice of the title "The Chosen." What is a tzaddik? (The Chosen)

      2. Summarize a short story or essay you read this term.

      3. "He had sung many a song about ships and going down to the sea in them with a heave ho and a heave to. He wondered why it hadn't turned out the way it said in the songs." Of whom was this said? Explain. (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn ch 29)

English Grammar

      1. Identify whether the italicized word is a direct object, or indirect object.
      After the game, Michael bought HIS brothers some pizza and ice cream.. (indirect)
      Now fed and bathed, Angela read a BOOK to her young charges before putting them to bed. (direct)

      2. Choose "its" or "their." Each of the books had __ own handmade bookmark. (its)

      3. Use good and well correctly in sentences. (good is an adj, well is an adv)

      4. "Nancy was capable of keeping her word to herself under very trying conditions." Parse the sentence, identifying: 1) the part of speech for each word; 2) for nouns and pronouns, the number (singular, plural) and case (nominative, objective/accusative, dative, possessive/genitive, vocative); 3) for verbs, the tense (past, present, future), voice (active, passive), and--if applicable--person (first, second, third).

ANSWER - Nancy: noun, singular, nominative; was: verb, past, active, third person; capable: adjective; of: preposition; keeping: noun, dative (or verb, present, active--this is a tricky one, because the word is actually a gerund, a type of verbal noun); her: adjective; word: noun, singular, objective (or accusative); to: preposition; herself: pronoun, singular, dative; under: adverb; very: adverb; trying: adjective; conditions: noun, plural, dative


      1. Tell about Woodrow Wilson and the Great War. (Land of Hope, ch 15)

      2. Give an account of the Great Depression. (Land of Hope, ch 16)

      3. What do you know about The New Deal? (Land of Hope, ch 17)

      4. Who were the men behind Hitler? Tell something about some of them.

Natural History and General Science

      1. What is Paul Ehrlich's Magic Bullet? Explain. (Microbe Hunters ch 12)

      2. Write about either the Law of Universal Gravitation, Conservation of Matter, or Archimedes' Principle. (Secrets of the Universe ch 6, 9, or 2)

      3. Explain Newton's Laws. (Secrets of the Universe ch 5, Crash Course 5)

Citizenship/Government (Plutarch)

      1. Why are we morally obligated to be intelligent? (Erskine's essay)

      2. Name 5 of the "Seven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave." Tell about two of them.

      3. What is Keynesian Economics? (Seven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave, "Keynes")

      4. What is the difference between cheap grace, and costly grace? (The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

      5. a) Describe the speech of Aemilius on the death of his two sons. AND b) Describe the triumph of Aemilius after his victory over Perseus. (Plutarch's Life of Aemilius Paulus)


      1. Four children have some marbles. The first child has 1/10 of the marbles, the second child has 12 more marbles than the first, the third child has one more marble than what the first child has and the fourth child has double what the third child has. How many marbles are there? (30)

      2. Solve for x: 7x + 5 = -x + 41 (x is 4.5)

      3. What is the surface area of cylinder with radius of 2 cm and height 8 cm? (125.6)

      4. A youth group wants to raise $500 to attend a concert. They have raised $100 through donations. If they wash cars for $5.00 each, how many cars will they need to wash in order to earn what they still need for the concert? (80)

      5. Baileytown is 924 miles from Portsville. Wood City is three-fourths of the distance from Baileytown to Portsville. How many miles is it from Baileytown to Wood City? (693 miles)

Foreign Language

      1. Tell in your foreign language about what you hope to be doing next week, and with whom.

      1. Tell about a place you'd like to visit, and what you'd like to do there.