Exam Questions and Key Year 12/Semester 1


      1. "He measured off another thousand and led me through water that was up to the waist. He measured off another thousand, but now it was a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen and was deep enough to swim in." Tell about this river. Where is it? (Ezekiel 47:4, 5)

      2. "This is why I weep and my eyes overflow with tears. No one is near to comfort me, no one to restore my spirit." Who said this? Why? (Lamentations 1:16)

      3. Tell about a king of Israel or Judah that displaesed the Lord, and one that you admired. (1 Kings, 2 Kings 1-18)


      Write 8-10 lines of poetry from memory.



      1. Describe one of Anne's attic-mates in Diary of Anne Frank.

      2. Summarize a short story you read this term (Aged Mother, Catbird Seat, Lottery, or Harrison Bergeron)

      3. "I believe that in all men's lives at certain periods, and in many men's lives at all periods between infancy and extreme old age, one of the most dominant elements is the desire to be inside the local Ring and the terror of being left outside. " Explain this. (C.S. Lewis essay, The Inner Ring)

English Grammar

      1. Choose "me" or "I." The walls surrounding Bobo and __ were dripping with humidity. (me)

      2. Write in passive voice: Sam washed all the windows on the front of the house.

      3. Give words in which the following prefixes occur - dis, mis, re, trans, sub.

      4. "Pahom wanted to sow more wheat; so he rented land from a dealer for a year." Parse the sentence, identifying: 1) the part of speech for each word; 2) for nouns and pronouns, the number (singular, plural) and case (nominative, objective/accusative, dative, possessive/genitive, vocative); 3) for verbs, the tense (past, present, future), voice (active, passive), and--if applicable--person (first, second, third). In addition, circle the verbs that belong to independent clauses (also called primary or coordinate clauses), and underline the verbs that belong to dependent (or subordinate) clauses. (How Much Land Does a Man Need)

ANSWER - Pahom: noun, singular, nominative; wanted: verb, past, active, third person; to sow: verb (or infinitive), present, active; more: adjective; wheat: noun, singular, objective; so: conjunction; he: pronoun, singular, nominative; rented: verb, past, active, third person; land: noun, singular, objective; from: preposition; a: article (or adjective); dealer: noun, singular, dative; for: preposition; a: article (or adjective); year: noun, singular, dative. Student should circle "wanted" and "rented," and underline "to sow."


      1. Outline the character of your favorite WWII political leader. (Land of Hope, ch 18)

      2. What is the Cold War? (Land of Hope, ch 19)

      3. Tell what you know about John F. Kennedy. (Land of Hope, pg 367-373)

      4. Discuss Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement. (Land of Hope, pg 373-376)

      5. Describe Lyndon B. Johnson's vision for a Great Society. (Land of Hope, pg 377-380)

Natural History and General Science

      1. Explain energy, oe electricity and magnetism. (Science Matters, ch 2 or 3)

      2. What is the fundamental structure of matter? (Science Matters, ch 9)

Citizenship/Government (Plutarch)

      1. "Public Works Mean Taxes" and "Taxes Discourage Production." Explain. Or, 'In the long run imports and exports must equal each other.' Why? (Economics in One Lesson, ch 3, 4 or 11)

      2. Do unions really raise wages? Explain. Or, Why is inflation merely a "mirage"? (Economics in One Lesson, 19 or 22)

      3. Explain the myth of Church-State separation. (Marketing of Evil, ch 2)

      4. Explain Lewis's "Inner Ring." Or, why should we not neglect to read old books? (C.S. Lewis essays)

      5. Discuss a point that impressed you from "The Call." (Os Guinness)


      1. A boat is going 32 miles downstream in two hours. The return trip against the current takes sixteen hours. Find the rate of the boat in calm water and the rate of the current. (Boat 8mph; Water 6 mph)

      2. Solve for x: 3x - 15 + x = 17 (x is 8)

      3. In a naval engagement one-third of the fleet was captured, one-sixth sunk, and two ships were burned; one-seventh of the remainder was lost in a storm after the battle. Finally, 24 ships sailed home. How many ships were in the fleet before the engagement? (60)

      4. The volume of a cylinder is 600pi centimeters cubed. The radius of a base of the cylinder is 5 cm. What is the height of the cylinder? (24 cm)

      5. In a shipment of televisions, 1/50 of the televisions are defective. What is the ratio of defective to nondefective televisions? (1:49)

      6. New tile is being laid in a room 40 feet long by 22 feet wide. If each square tile is 6 inches x 6 inches, how many tiles will be needed to cover the floor? (3520)

Foreign Language

      1. In your foreign language, write three sentences describing a walk around your neighborhood.

      2. In your foreign language, describe a person in your family, using complete sentences.