The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."

by Emmeline Steinthal
Volume 3, 1892/93, pgs. 71-73

[Note--typo errors were in the original]

"En hoexkens ende boexkens."

List of Historical Novels Chronologically Arranged

Remarks                      Book Title (and author)

Greece                        The Old Love and the New (Sir E. Creasy)
                                  Pausanias (Lord Lytton)            
                                  Heroic Tales of Ancient Greece (Niebuhr)           
                                  Stories of Greek Tragedians (Church)           
                                  Stories from Homer  (Church)          
                                  Three Greek Children            
                                  Heroes (Charles Kingsley)           
                                  Tales of Ancient Greece (G.W. Cox)           
                                  Zoroaster (M. Crawford)           
Byzantium                    Blue and Green (Pottinger)   
Charlemagne                Passe Rise (Hardy)       
Anglo-Saxon                The Count of the Saxon Shore (Church)        
543-926                       The Little Duke (Yonge)
Anglo-Saxon                Harold (Lytton)        
Egypt                          The Cit of Bubastis (Henty)
Rome                          Prussias (Eckstein)               
                                  Quintus Claudius (Eckstein)               
                                  Nero (Eckstein)               
                                  Masters of the World (M. Hoppus)               
                                  Nocera (Graham)               
                                  Attila (James)               
                                  Victory of Vanquished (Auth. of "Schonberg-Gotha Fam.)               
                                  2000 Years Ago; or, The Adventures of a Roman Boy (Rev. A.G. Church)                
Claudius                      Gospel in Caesar's Household  (Mrs. Webb) 
5th century                  Rienzi (Lord Lytton)       
                                 Homo Sum (Ebers)                
                                 Roman Life, time of Cicero (Church)                
                                 The Young Carthaginians (Henty)                
                                 Stories from Livy (Church)               
                                  Stories from Virgil (Church)               
                                  Lucretia (Bulwer Lytton)               
Egypt                          The World's Desire (Lang & Haggard)
B.C. 1500 Rameses     Uarda (George Ebers)                    
B.C. 536                      An Egyptian Princess (George Ebers) 
B.C. 164, Ptolemy        The Sisters (George Ebers)                 
                                  Serapis (George Ebers)              
A.D. 41, Cyril of Alex.   Hypatia (Kingsley)                       
B.C. 2000, Semiramis   Sarchedon (White Melville)                    
Rome, A.D. 1-30           Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ (Lew Wallace)               
Vespasian, 75              The Gladiators (White Melville)          
Pliny, 79                      Last Days of Pompeii (Bulwer Lytton)
Hadrian, 119                 The Emperor (Ebers)       
Aurelian, 270                Zenobia (William Ware)         
Aurelian, 270                Aurelian (William Ware)         
Byzantine Rule, 360     Bride of the Nile (Ebers)                    
                                  Callista; or, Rome Enslaved (Aemilia Julia)              
Diocletian, 284             Fabiola; or, the Ch. of the Catacomb (Cardinal Wiseman)            
Marcellus, 310              Dorcas, the Daughter of Faustina (Nathan Konns)           
Heresy, 321                  Arius the Lybian (Nathan Konns)     
Julian Apostate, 363     Julian; or, The Close of an Era (Bungener)                    
Siege of Goths, 410      Antonia; or, The Fall of Rome (Collins)                      

Alfred                          The Dragon and the Raven (Henty)
                                 The Danes in England (Engelbach)              
                                 Hereward the Wake (Kingsley)              
                                 The Black Arrow (Stephenson)              
                                  Camp of Refuge (Knight)              
Crusades, 12th cent.    Ivanhoe (Scott)                      
                                  Talisman (Scott)               
                                  The Betrothed (Scott)               
                                  Count Robert of Paris (Scott)               
                                  In Freedom's Cause (Henty)              
                                  Lancers of Lynwood (Yonge)               
1165-1225                    Philip Augustus (G.P.R. James)                                   
1430-1484                    Quentin Durward (Scott)                                 
1433-1475                    Charles the Bold (Alex. Dumas)                                
1457-1482                    Mary of Burgundy (G.P.R. James)                                  
1489-1507                    Constable of Bourbon (Harrison Ainsworth)                                
1480-1530                    Messer Agnolo's Household (Leader Scott)                                
Scotland                      Cheshire Pilgrims  (Wilfred)                             


Robert III                     Fair Maid of Perth (Scott)                                  
                                 Days of Bruce (Aguilar)                

Houses of Lancaster and York                                                      

Wars of the Roses       Chantrey, Priest of Barnet (Church)                                                
                                 Last of the Barons (Lytton)               
                                 Tower of London (Ainsworth)              
                                 Splendid Spur  (Q)             
Lanc. & York               Anne of Geierstein (Scott)                                      
                                 Cloister and the Hearth (Charles Reade)               
Florentine                    Romola (Eliot)                                 
                                  Dove in the Eagle's Nest (Miss Yonge)               
Tudor                           Windsor Castle (Ainsworth)                          
                                  Westward Ho!               
                                  Micah Clarke (Conan Doyle)              
                                  Lorna Doone (Blackmore)              
                                  Kenilworth (Scott)              
                                  Monastery and Abbot (Scott)                                                                      
                                  The Queen's Maries (White Melville)               
                                  Darnley (G.P.R. James)               
                                  The Fishers of the Dove (H. Martineau)               
                                  Judith Shakespeare (Black)              

16th Century                                                      
                                 St. Bartholomew's Eve (Holt)
                                 Unknown to History (Yonge)                 
                                 Mary Stuart (Lamartine)                 
1300  Luther's Life        Chronicles of Schonberg-Gotha Family (Mrs. Charles)                                                    
                                  Niccolo de Lapi (Massimo d'Agglio)          
Stuart                          John Inglesant (Shorthouse)                           
                                  The Hampdens (H. Martineau)               
                                  Legend of Montrose (Scott)                
                                  Guy Fawkes (Ainsworth)               
                                  Holmby House (White Melville)               
                                  St. George and St. Michael (G. Macdonald)                                                                                              Strafford (Barton Baker)               
                                 Children of the New Forest (Mayne Reid)               
                                 The Boy Cavaliers (H.C. Adams)               
                                 Arabella Stuart (G.P.R. James)
                                 The Huguenot Family (Sarah Tytler)               
                                  With the King at Oxford (White Melville)
                                 Fortunes of Nigel (Scott)
                                 Peveril of the Peak (Scott)
17th Century                                                  

Commonwealth            Woodstock (Scott)                                         
                                  Andrew Marvel (Sybree)              
Milton's Wife                Mary Powell (Miss Manning)                                       
                                  Old Mortality (Scott)              
                                  Red Gauntlet (Scott)               
Hanover                       Esmond (Thackeray)                            
                                  Virginians (Thackeray)              
                                  Dorothy Foster (Besant)                 
                                  Chaplain of the Fleet (Besant)                 
                                  Diary of Kitty Trevelyan  (Mrs. Charles)                
                                  Rob Roy (Scott)                                                                        
                                  Little Blue Lady                 
                                  Alice Lorraine (Blackmore)                
                                  Barnaby Rudge (Dickens)                
                                  With Wolfe in Canada (Henty)                
                                  With Clive in India (Henty)             
                                  Vanity Fair  (Thackeray)            
French Revolution        Jackanapes (Ewing)                                              
                                 Tale of Two Cities  (Dickens)            
                                 Atelier de Lys (Lathom Roberts)            

18th Century                                                   
                                  On the Edge of the Storm (Lathom Roberts)            
                                  M., the Viscount's Friend  (Mrs. Ewing)           
                                  Peasant and the Prince (H. Martineau)            
                                  Blockade of Phalsburg (Erckmann-Chatrian)           
                                  La Vendée (Trollope)           
                                  Mdlle. Mathilde (H. Kingsley)

Foreign Countries                                                  

Italy                             Romola (Eliot)                    
                                  Lion of St. Mark  (Henty)           
                                  Makers of Florence (Oliphant)            
                                  Makers of Venice (Oliphant)            
                                  Vittoria (Meredith)            
                                 Lorenzo Benoni  (Ruffini)          
                                 Dr. Antonio             
                                 Sforza  (Aster)           
The Netherlands           Cloister and the Hearth  (Reade)                                         
                                  In Troubled Times (Wallace)            
Sweden                       By Royal Favour (Wilson)                          
Constantinople             Theodora Phranga  (Neale)                                      
Russia                         Ivan Birin (Sir A. Helps)                       
India                            A Noble Queen (Meadows Taylor)                     
America                       The Scarlet Letter  (Hawthorne)                          
                                  True to the Old Flag (Henty)
                                  With Lee in Virginia (Henty)
                                  Uncle Tom's Cabin (Beecher Stowe)
                                  The Fair God (Wallace)
                                  A Great Treason (M. Hoppus)
                                 Old Boston (Stephens)

The above is a full list, compiled from the seven lists sent in. Some of the very minor books have been left out. Lucy Robinson takes the prize. Mrs. Lane's reading is the more varied, and shows a wider range; but Miss Robinson's method is clear and well-classified. She also gives the fullest list. All are very interesting.

Emmeline Steinthal