The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
P.N.E.U. Notes

Volume 5, 1894, pg. 159-160

Chairman of Committee: Dr. A. T. Schofield. Vice Chairman: Algernon Coote, Esq., M.A. Treasurer: Editor Parents' Review, Miss C. Esq. Secretary: Miss Ethel Forsyth, 28, Victoria Street, Westminster. The objects of the Society are, briefly, to assist parents of all classes to understand the best principles and methods of education in all its aspects, and especially in those which concern the formation of habits and character, and to afford to parents opportunities for co-operation and consultation, so that the wisdom and experience of each may be profitable for all. Pamphlets giving full particulars of the work of the Union, and the Parents' Review (6d monthly), the organ of the Society may be obtained from the Secretary, to whom all the subscriptions and communications should be sent.

The most important event of the past month has been the establishment of a Central Office in London, in a convenient situation, where our Secretary, Miss Ethel Forsyth, can be consulted daily on the work of the Union and on the best methods of extending and strengthening its operations. Miss Forsyth's long experience in practical education renders her particularly qualified to undertake this, and it is hoped that the work of the Society, which has now outgrown the possibilities of voluntary services, will be much more efficiently performed, and that it will become of increasing usefulness to parents and teachers in their responsible positions. It only remains for all sympathizers with the aims of the P.N.E.U., to enable them to meet the increased obligations which this step entails.

BELGRAVIA BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Lady Isabel Margesson, 28, Victoria Street, S.W.

SHEFFIELD BRANCH.--Hon. Secs.: Mrs. Newton Coombe, Brocco Bank, and Miss Walmsley, The High School.

WOODFORD AND WANSTEAD BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Mrs. Spedding Curwen, Bywell, South Woodford. A meeting was held at the house of Arnold Hills, Esq., Monkhams, on February 27th, when a very able Paper was read by J. Russell, Esq., to a large meeting, the subject being "Pestalozzi's Message to Parents." A good deal of interest was shown, several new members joined. The Secretary made a statement calling attention to the Parents' Review, the P.R. School and the Natural History Club. The balance-sheet shewed a loss on the year, but it is believed that will improve. A Class meets every week for "Brush-work," when all much enjoy Mr. Cooke's teaching.

READING BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: W. Salmon, Esq., 56, London Street. The next Meeting will be held in May, when S. G. Tremenheere, Esq., H. M. Inspector of Schools will give an address. The Lending Library is well patronised by Members and there is no doubt it is a source of usefulness.

HAMPSTEAD BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Mrs. Herbert Smith, The Retreat, North End. On February 9th, the Teachers' Guild invited the members of this branch to attend a Lecture given to them by Professor Sully, on "Some Characteristics of Children's Minds." Those who were able to be present greatly appreciated the courtesy that enabled them to hear so valuable a paper.

STREATHAM BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Mrs. Strode, Bankside, Leigham, Court Road, S.W.

LEEDS BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Mrs. John Barran, Weetwood.

KENDAL BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Colin Somervell, Esq.

SOUTHDOWN BRANCH.--Brightdown Centre.--Hon. Sec.: Mrs. William Borrer, Pakyns Manor, Hurstpierpoint.

EASTBOURNE BRANCH.--On January 18th the first general meeting was held, when Mrs. Steinthal gave a most interesting lecture on "Modelling." The next meeting was on Feb. 23rd, when the Rev. H. Bickersteth Ottley, (vicar of Eastbourne) gave an address on "The Religious Training of Children," a report of which will appear in the next issue of the P.R. A lending library has been established and now contains twenty books. Miss Cripps, Montpellier House, Ocklynge, has kindly consented to arrange for the loan and exchange of them.

LEEDS BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Mrs. John Barren, Weetwood, Leeds. A very good audience met to hear Mr James Welton, M.A., of the Yorkshire College, deliver a lecture on "The Mental and Moral Training of Children." Dr. Forsyth, head master of the Central Higher Grade Board School occupied the chair. The lecture, which was most educational and thoughtful, appears in this number of the Parents' Review. Mr. Welton will give a second lecture on Monday, March 12th. Afternoon lectures have been given by Mrs. Francis Steinthal on "Nursery Physiology," and "Clay Modelling." The winter session has been a most successful one, and all meetings have been well attended and much interest shown.


Hon. Local Secs. are requested to send to Mr. Perrin, as early as possible, reports of all matters of interest connected with their branches, written on one side of the paper only, also 20 copies of any prospectuses or other papers they may print.


THE HIGHEST HONOURS at the Chicago Exhibition have been awarded to MELLIN'S FOOD for Infants and Invalids in the form of the Medal and Diploma. We are glad to find that H.I.M. the Empress of Germany's testimonial and verdict on this Food is confirmed by such a practical board of judges.

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