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1b. About AmblesideOnline

How is your first week going? Here's a tip for you: instead of thinking about whatever you couldn't fit in, focus on what went right. So maybe only one book got read. Hey, you read a book! Super! Or maybe you didn't get to any of the books, but you rocked your Picture Study. That's great! Look at your successes instead of your shortcomings, and realize that things will get easier once you find your stride. Even then, you may never get it perfect, but that's okay -- think about what went well.

And now we'd like to let you know a little about us, about who we are and why we created AO.

The AO Advisory began as six homeschooling moms who created AmblesideOnline. Our vision then and always is to bring a full, rich life, and a sense of purpose to all children. Twelve years into the work, we added the Auxiliary -- six homeschool moms who help us. We fell in love with Charlotte Mason's idea of what education could look like, and we wanted that for more than just our own children. We want you to know that we offer this curriculum as a gift -- our gift to you!

But curriculum is just part of the "CM" package. We provide that part of the package so you can set aside your worries about how to teach and what to teach, and get on with the enjoyment of sharing this kind of life with your child(ren) and learning about this journey you've begun.

We hope AO blesses you and your family. Please feel free to tweak this plan to fit your needs. If your child is struggling, step back and slow down. Ask for help on our Forum; we've all had to make our own adjustments to fit the needs of our own child, and we're happy to share what helped and offer some suggestions.

We have a video to explain what AmblesideOnline is (and isn't!) on YouTube: or Vimeo:

We hope you, too, come to fall in love with Charlotte Mason's style of education. Are you wondering what a Charlotte Mason style of education is? Stay tuned! That's the next thing we'd like to share with you . . .

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