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33. Don't Trust This!

Did you know that your human reasoning can't always be trusted? Have you ever thought, "I really shouldn't . . . " but then been able to come up with a couple of convincing reasons why you could justify it, and in the end, you had yourself completely talked into doing what you already knew you shouldn't? That's human reasoning at work.

Human reasoning has been used to justify all kinds of questionable and even evil things, from short-sighted worker strikes to the assassination of world leaders, even to the crucifixion of Jesus. You just can't rely on human reasoning alone to steer you in the right direction.

How can we nip this kind of slippery-slope reasoning in the bud? By making the decision to do the right thing in the first place, and letting our human reasoning justify us in THAT direction.

What does this have to do with a CM education? Everything! This is one of Charlotte Mason's end goals -- to keep children from the error of justifying wrong actions. It takes time because it's a long-range goal, but good, clear habits of thinking, a habit of doing the right thing in general, and some years of experience will keep your child on the right path.

[Today's patio chat comes from Principle 19]

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