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36. Curriculum

Let's talk about curriculum. You're using AmblesideOnline, but do you have any idea what it is about AO that makes it so effective, so engaging, and so well suited to a CM education?

We've mentioned CM's 20 principles before. One of those principles says this: "In devising a curriculum, we provide a vast amount of ideas to ensure that the mind has enough brain food, knowledge about a variety of things to prevent boredom, and subjects are taught with high-quality literary language since that is what a child's attention responds to best."

AmblesideOnline provides that to a tee. Our books are specially selected to gently develop your child's language skills (in other words, to improve vocabulary, syntax, grammar) and to hold his interest. They introduce him to concepts in history, geography, nature, personalities, dramatic scenes, survival situations. There are plenty of ideas there for his mind to "chew on!"

Besides books, there are songs to sing, classical music to hear, great works of art to look at, all of nature to marvel at, useful handicrafts to learn. Does any of this sound boring? If a Charlotte Mason education is what you want for your child, rest assured -- we've got you covered!

If you're worried about whether AO is enough and feeling pressured to supplement with additional activities, word lists, or study guides, you will love Donna-Jean's message for you on the AO Advisory's blog.

If you find yourself feeling guilty for not personalizing a unique course of study for each of your children, you might enjoy Brandy Vencel's blog post at

[Today's patio chat comes from Principle 13]

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