Programme for Term 44 Form IA

Programme 44. (The 44th term of work set since the P.R.S. began.)

Parents' National Educational Union

Parents' Review School


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Bible Lessons.
Teacher to choose twelve stories from Ruth and 1. Sam., ix,-xx. Lessons on the Life of Our Lord, by E. Stock (Sunday School) Institute, 1/6), lessons iv.-ix., inclusive. Children might use Nelson's Illustrated New Testament (1/11), S.P.C.K. Bible Atlas (6d.). Teacher to prepare beforehand as much of each lesson as the children can understand, and to use the Bible passages in teaching.

The "New Handwriting," by M.M.Bridges (Glaisher, 2/8), page 3, line 5; page 5, lines 1 and 2, one letter to be mastered each lesson; teacher study instructions. To be able to write, or print, letters from dictation and copy.
Beginners.--Left-hand of page 4.

Natural History.
Wild Nature Won By Kindness, by Mrs. Brightwen (Fisher Unwin, 1/6), pages 21-58. (Children who have The Animal Story Book, by Andrew Lang (Longmans, 5/8), may take pages 364-400). To be able to tell about six kinds of tree twigs (with all that you can yourself notice about them). Wild Life in Woods and Fields, by A. Buckley (Mrs. Fisher), (Cassell, 6d.), pages 1-48.

The World at Home (Nelson, 2/8), pages 33-69. Make plans in tray of sand to show lanes, roads, parks, and streets in the neighborhood, and the boundaries of six fields. Children to describe and tell about six places "father and mother" have visited.

The Gouin Method: French Lessons on the Gouin Method, by F. Themoin, Part I., for children (Hachette, 1/2), pages 11-20. Make new sentences with the words learnt in the Series. And, Illustrated French Primer, by Henry Bue (Hachette & Co., 1/2), pages 58-64; 122-124. Words to be taught orally, with pictures.

To work chapter ii., A.B.C. Arithmetic,* Teacher's Part I. (Sonnenschein & Nesbitt, 9d.), with dominoes, beans,etc. (*Books for pupils, containing exercises only, are published at 4d. each)
N.B.--The terms "tens," "units," etc., should be used instead of "staves," "cubes," etc.
BEGINNERS.--Chapter 1.

Picture Talk.
Study six reproductions of works of Turner (Perry Pictures, Nos. 880,881,882,883,884,878, Id. each). Teacher may use also Turner (Bell, 1/ ).

Six twigs of trees and six animals in brushwork. For how to do animals, see Pour Dessiner Simplement, par V. Jacquot et P. Ravoux, cahier ii, (Glaisher, 8d.)

Our Island Story, by H.E. Marshall (Jack, 7/6), pages 1-44. Three Fairy Tales. Grimm's Household Stories (Macmillan, 4/6), may be used.

To recite two poems, to learn three hymns, and two passages of six verses each from the Bible Lessons, (a) i. Samuel, (b) S. Luke. Miss Wood's A First Book of Poetry (Macmillan,I/II) may be used for the poems.

Reading (Taught as in Home Education).
or, The Happy Reader, by E.L. Young (Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 9d. a part), or, The Delightful Reading Box, by Sarah Mason (8, Station Road, West Norwood, London, 1/6).

Grade 1., Step 1., Child Pianist (Curwen & Son). Teacher's Guide (revised edition, I/II).
See also Programme of Music, February Parents' Review: Our Work.

One French song, Chansons d'Enfants (Librairie Ch. Delegrave, Paris, Part II., 8d.). Three English songs. The Golden Boat Songs (Curwen, 1/-), or, better, The Baby's Opera, illustarted by Walter Crane (Glaisher, 2/8), may be used.

Marching and Calesthenic Ring Drills, from Musical Drills for the Standards (Philip & Son, I/II). Ball Drills. Ex-Students take House of Education Drills.

Carton Work, by G.C. Hewitt (King, Halifax, 2/-); make a pin tray, a salt-cellar, a book-mark, and a table, Japanese Curtains (see Aunt Mai's Annual, 1894, Glaisher, 2/8). Self-Teaching Needlework Manual (Longmans, 9d.) : children to be exercised in stitches, pages 1-6. Use coarse canvas and wool, then coloured cotton and coarse linen.

N.B. 1.--For methods of teaching the various subjects, see Home Education, Vol I. (Glaisher, 3/6 net) of the "Home Education" Series.

N.B. 2.--For the Perry Pictures (Art for Schools Association, Passmore Edward Institute, Tavistock St., London, E.C.).

N.B. 3.--All books mentioned in this Programme can be obtained at the prices quoted from G.J. Glaisher, Discount Bookseller, 58 High Street, Notting Hill Gate, London, W., and can be seen there before purchase. This address is given that members may be able to get books without delay.

(This Programme has a hand-written notation at the end: Cost for pupil 6º)

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