Contents of An/Our Island Story

by H.E. Marshall

Chapters with Dates

ch. 1 The Stories of Albion and Brutus (mythical)
ch. 2 The Coming of the Romans (55BC)
ch. 3 The Romans Come Again (54BC)
ch. 4 How Caligula Conquered Britain (40AD)
ch. 5 The Story of a Warrior Queen (Boadicea; 60AD)
ch. 6 The Last of the Romans (Julius Agricola; 77AD)
ch. 7 The Story of St. Alban (200AD??)
ch. 8 Vortigern and King Constans (400's)
ch. 9 The Story of the Coming of Hengist and Horsa (mid-400's)
ch. 10 Hengist's Treachery (mid-400's)
ch. 11 How the Giant's Dance was Brought to Britain (Aurelius Ambrosius; 400's)
ch. 12 The Coming of Arthur (500's)
ch. 13 The Founding of the Round Table (500's)
ch. 14 The Story of Gregory and the Pretty Children (574)
ch. 15 How King Alfred Learned to Read (849)
ch. 16 King Alfred in the Cowherd's Cottage (849-899)
ch. 17 More About Alfred the Great (899)
ch. 18 Ethelred the Unready (968-1016)
ch. 19 How Edmund Ironside Fought for the Crown (late 900's-1016)
ch. 20 Canute and the Waves (late 900's-1035)
ch. 21 Edward the Confessor (1003-1066)
ch. 22 Harold (1022-1066)
ch. 23 The Battle of Stamford Bridge (1066)
ch. 24 The Battle of Hastings (1066)
ch. 25 William the Conqueror: Hereward the Wake (1035-1072)
ch. 26 William the Conqueror: Death of the King (1087)
ch. 27 The Story of William the Red (1058-1100)
ch. 28 Henry I: The Story of the "White Ship" (1120)
ch. 29 The Story of King Stephen (1135-1154)
ch. 30 Henry Plantagenet: Gilbert and Rohesia (1118?)
ch. 31 Henry Plantagenet: Thomas a Becket (1118-1170)
ch. 32 Henry Plantagenet: The Conquest of Ireland (1168-1171)
ch. 33 The Story of Richard Coeur de Lion (1157-1199)
ch. 34 The Story of How Blondel Found the King (late 1100's)
ch. 35 John Lackland: The Story of Prince Arthur (1203)
ch. 36 John Lackland: The Story of the Great Charter (1215)
ch. 37 Henry III of Winchester: Hubert de Burgh (1180-1243)
ch. 38 Henry III of Winchester: Simon de Montfort (1208-1265)
ch. 39 Henry III: The Story of the Poisoned Dagger (1265-1274?)
ch. 40 Edward I: The Little War of Chalons (May 1274)
ch. 41 Edward I: The Lawgiver (1274-1307)
ch. 42 Edward I: The Hammer of the Scots (1290's)
ch. 43 The Story of King Robert the Bruce (1274-1329) and Sir Henry Bohun (1276-1322)
ch. 44 Story of the Battle of Bannockburn (1314)
ch. 45 Edward III of Windsor: The Battle of Sluys (1340)
ch. 46 Edward III of Windsor: The Battle of Crecy (1346)
ch. 47 Edward III of Windsor: The Siege of Calais (1346-47)
ch. 48 Edward III of Windsor: The Battle of Poitiers (Sept 1356)
ch. 49 Richard II of Bordeaux: Wat Tyler's Rebellion (1381)
ch. 50 How King Richard Lost His Throne (1399)
ch. 51 Henry IV of Bolingbroke: Battle of Shrewsbury (1403)
ch. 52 The Story of How Prince Hal (Henry V) was Sent to Prison (1410ish?)
ch. 53 Henry V of Monmouth: The Battle of Agincourt (1415)
ch. 54 Henry VI of Windsor: The Maid of Orleans (1451)
ch. 55 Henry VI of Windsor: Red Rose and White (1455-1485)
ch. 56 Edward IV: Queen Margaret and the Robbers (1461?)
ch. 57 Edward IV: The Story of the Kingmaker (1464/71)
ch. 58 Edward V: The King Who was Never Crowned (1483)
ch. 59 Richard III: Two Little Princes in the Tower (1483-85)
ch. 60 Henry VII: Story of the Make-Believe Prince (Lambert Simnel; 1487)
ch. 61 Henry VII: Another Make-Believe Prince (Perkin Warbeck 1490)
ch. 62 Henry VIII: The Field of the Cloth of Gold (Guisnes 1520)
ch. 63 How the King became the Defender of the Faith (1521)
ch. 64 Henry VIII: The Story of the King's Six Wives (1491-1547)
ch. 65 Edward VI: The Story of a Boy King (1537-1553)
ch. 66 The Story of Lady Jane Grey (1536-1554)
ch. 67 How the Princess Elizabeth Became a Prisoner (1554)
ch. 68 Mary I: How a Candle Was Lit in England (1554-1558)
ch. 69 How the Imprisoned Princess Became a Queen (1558-1603)
ch. 70 Elizabeth: The Story of a Most Unhappy Queen (Mary Queen of Scots 1542-1567)
ch. 71 How England was Saved From the Spaniards (1588-9)
ch. 72 Elizabeth: The Story of Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618)
ch. 73 Elizabeth: The Story of the Queen's Favourite (Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex 1565-1601)
ch. 74 The Story of Guy Fawkes (1605)
ch. 75 The Story of the Mayflower (1620)
ch. 76 How a Woman Struck a Blow for Freedom (Jenny Geddes 1637)
ch. 77 How the King and the Parliament Quarreled (1640)
ch. 78 The Story of How the King was Brought to His Death (1649)
ch. 79 The Commonwealth: The Adventures of a Prince (1649-1651)
ch. 80 The Commonwealth: The Lord Protector Cromwell (1649-1658)
ch. 81 How Death Walked in the Streets of London (1665)
ch. 82 Charles II: The Story of How London was Burned (1666)
ch. 83 The Fiery Cross (Archibald, 9th Earl of Argyll, Monmouth's Rebellion 1685)
ch. 84 The Story of King Monmouth (1685)
ch. 85 The Story of the Seven Bishops (1687)
ch. 86 William the Deliverer (William of Orange and Glorious Revolution 1688)
ch. 87 William III and Mary II: Brave Londonderry (1690)
ch. 88 The Story of a Sad Day in a Highland Glen (1694-1702)
ch. 89 Anne: How the Union Jack was Made (1707)
ch. 90 The Story of the Earl of Mar's Hunting Party (The Fifteen Rebellion 1715)
ch. 91 George II: The Story of Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart 1720-1788)
ch. 92 George II: The Story of Flora MacDonald (1746)
ch. 93 The Story of the Black Hole of Calcutta (1756)
ch. 94 George II: The Story of How Canada Was Won (1759)
ch. 95 George III: The Story of How America Was Lost (1776-1782)
ch. 96 George III: A Story of a Spinning Wheel (Richard Arkwright 1733-1792)
ch. 97 England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty (Trafalgar 1805)
ch. 98 George III: The Battle of Waterloo (1815)
ch. 99 George IV: The First Gentleman in Europe (1762-1830)
ch. 100 William IV: Two Peaceful Victories (Reform Bill 1832; Slavery Abolition Act 1833)
ch. 101 Victoria: The Girl Queen (1837)
ch. 102 Victoria: When Bread was Dear (Corn Laws repealed 1846)
ch. 103 Victoria: Peace (The Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace 1851)
ch. 104 Victoria: War (Crimean War 1853-1856; Florence Nightingale)
ch. 105 Victoria: The Land of Snow (Sir John Franklin's Expedition North-West Passage 1845-1859)
ch. 106 Victoria: The Siege of Delhi (1857)
ch. 107 Victoria: The Pipes at Lucknow (1857)
ch. 108 Victoria: Under the Southern Cross (Australia; Arthur Philip 1787; 1867)
ch. 109 Victoria: From Cannibal to Christian (New Zealand 1840's?)
ch. 110 Victoria: Boer and Briton (1899-1902)

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