Books by Charlotte Mason

The Ambleside Series Geography Series

The five-volume geography series that Charlotte Mason wrote for use in her schools between 1880-1892.

Volume 1 - Elementary Geography by Charlotte Mason

From Google Books:
I. Elementary Geography Book I for Standard II (1881)
II. The British Empire and the Great Divisions of the Globe Book II for Standard III (1882)
III.The Counties of England Book III for Standard IV (1881)
IV. The Countries of Europe Their Scenery and Peoples Book IV for Standard V (1883)
V. The Old and New World: Asia, Africa, America, Australia Book V (1884)

The Saviour of the World

Six volumes of original poetry inspired by the text of Holy Scripture.

Volume 1 - The Holy Infancy
Volume 2 - His Dominion
Volume 3 - The Kingdom of Heaven
Volume 4 - The Bread of Life
Volume 5 - The Great Controversy
Volume 6 - The Training of the Disciples

The Homeschool Series

Charlotte Mason's six-volume book series, typed by AmblesideOnline volunteers.

Volume 1 - Home Education
Volume 2 - Parents and Children
Volume 3 - School Education
Volume 4 - Ourselves
Volume 5 - Formation of Character
Volume 6 - Towards A Philosophy of Education

The Bible for School and Home by J. Paterson Smyth

Many thanks to Schellermark Ministries for first making the PDFs available online. This text was typed by AmblesideOnline volunteers and is not to be sold or otherwise used for personal profit. Thank you to everyone who helped!

Volume 1 - The Book of Genesis
Volume 2 - Moses and the Exodus
Volume 3 - Joshua and Judges
Volume 4 - The Prophets and Kings
Volume 5 - When the Christ Came Pt I The Highlands of Galilee
Volume 6 - When the Christ Came Pt II The Road to Jerusalem
Volume 7 - St. Matthew's Gospel of the Kingdom
Volume 8 - St. Mark's Gospel

Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan

Book I divided into 72 readings
Book I divided into 36 readings
Book II, Christiana's Journey

More Ebooks

A New Grammar of the English Tongue by J.M.D. Meiklejohn complete pdf file (8MB)
The Blue Poetry Book edited by Andrew Lang for use in Schools, 1896 A New Handwriting by Monica Bridges
The British Museum for Young People by Frances Epps
The Sciences by Edward Holden
Ways of the Six-Footed by Anna Comstock
When I Was a Boy in Japan by Sakae Shioya, 1906

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