The Pursuit of God

by A. W. Tozer
This schedule breaks the book up into four short readings per week over 12 weeks.

Week 1

Week 2
ch 1 to 'possibilities of both can be explored.'
ch 1 from 'All social intercourse between human beings' to 'made all His glory pass before him.'
ch 1 from 'David's life was a torrent of spiritual desire' to 'without doubt God will quickly respond.'
ch 1 from 'When religion has said its last word' to end of ch 1

Week 3
ch 2 to "Theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
ch 2 from 'Let me exhort you to take this seriously.' to 'lose for my sake shall find."
ch 2 from 'God let the suffering old man go' to 'that thou didst not receive?"
ch 2 from 'The Christian who is alive enough' to end of ch 2

Week 4
ch 3 to 'cause of our unceasing restlessness.'
ch 3 from 'The whole work of God in redemption' to 'absence of personal experience.'
ch 3 from 'Who is this within the veil who dwells' to 'aloes and cassia out of the ivory palaces.'
ch 3 from 'Frederick Faber was one' to 'what they saw there.'

Week 5
ch 3 They were prophets, not' to 'under which to thrive and grow.'
ch 3 from 'Self is the opaque veil that hides' to end of ch 3
ch 4 to 'Christ's atoning work on the cross.'
ch 4 from 'But why do the the very ransomed children of God' to 'insincere man he turns away.'

Week 6
ch 4 from 'The sincere plain man knows' to 'faith is unseen reality.'
ch 4 from 'Our uncorrected thinking' to end if ch 4
ch 5 to 'There we must begin.'
ch 5 from 'Adam sinned and, in his panic' to 'of miles but of experience.'

Week 7
ch 5 from 'To speak of being near' to 'serious testimony of a great Christian.'
ch 5 from 'Important as it is that we recognize' to 'plane as the very pasture of the blessed.'
ch 5 from 'It will require a determined heart' to end of ch 5
ch 6 to 'proof that His original Word was enough.'

Week 8
ch 6 from 'We have not given sufficient attention' to 'hypothesis too flippantly.'
ch 6 from 'It is my own belief' to end of ch 6
ch 7 to 'answer if it were anywhere to be found.'
ch 7 from 'Almost all who preach or write' to 'gaze of a soul upon a saving God.'

Week 9
ch 7 from 'When he had seen this he would' to 'whole life falls into line.'
ch 7 from 'All this may seem too simple.' to 'weakest and poorest of us.'
ch 7 from 'Several conclusions may fairly' to 'how many I cannot possibly know.'
ch 7 from 'I do not want to leave the impression' to end of ch 7

Week 10
ch 8 to 'will be too painful to endure.'
ch 8 from 'So let us begin with God.' to 'own highest honor upheld.'
ch 8 from 'Anyone who might feel reluctant' to "and ye do dishonour me."
ch 8 from 'Another saying of Jesus 'to end of ch 8

Week 11
ch 9 to 'idleness can never deliver us.'
ch 9 from 'The burden borne by mankind' to 'classes on their level are little better.'
ch 9 from 'Let no one smile this off.' to end of ch 9
ch 10 to 'or spiritual maladjustment.'

Week 12
ch 10 from 'Paul's exhortation to "do all' to "Hosanna in the highest."
ch 10 from 'That we see this truth' to 'and the courage to expose it.
Pursuit of ch 10 from 'God Here are the facts as I see them.' to 'know when we are well off.'
Pursuit of ch 10 from 'God In order that I may be understood' to end of ch 10

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