Exam Questions for Year 9/10 Lite Term 2

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     1. Give an account of the love of God.

     2. "I will raise up thy seed after thee, which shall be of thy sons; and I will establish his kingdom." Summarize David's response to this promise.

     3. Describe David's preparations for the new temple.

     4. Give an account of Saul of Tarsus's education and conversion.

     5. Describe Peter's vision. What was its significance?


     Write 8-10 lines of poetry from memory.


     (Assigned passage is in the Exam Key.)


     1. What are some causes of lying?

     2. Tell something of the life of Alexander Pope, Samuel Johnson, or Oliver Goldsmith.

     3. Summarize a poem you enjoyed by William Cowper.

English Grammar

     1. Write a sentence using an adverb formed by adding the "-ly" suffix to an adjective.

     2. Write sentences showing correct use of "to," "two" and "too."

     3. Is the italicized word an adverb or adjective?

        I passed the test easily.

        He is a good speller.

     4. Identify parts of speech for the italicized words. For nouns and pronouns, say also whether the word is singular or plural. For verbs, say also whether the verb is in past, present, or future tense: It left scars upon his good-looking face, and nearly robbed him of his eyesight. In those days people still believed that this dreadful disease would be cured if the person suffering from it was touched by a royal hand. So when he was two, little Samuel was taken to London by his father and mother, and there he was 'touched' by Queen Anne.

World History

     1. Tell what you know about the War of Independence (Revolutionary War).

     2. Tell about Robert Clive, Warren Hastings and India. Or, Describe how the American people reacted to seeing their Constitution for the first time.

     3. Discuss reforms and changes in England after they lost the war with America.

     4. What do you know about the American Constitution?

     5. What were the causes of the French Revolution?

     6. Tell what you know about Trafalgar. Or, tell all you know about the War of 1812.


     1. Describe the Taj Mahal.

     2. Describe Ladakh or the Khyber Pass.

     3. Describe the peninsula of Malay, or Mergui.

Natural History and General Science

     1. Choose a question matched to your term's science subject from here or from your science program.

     2. Choose a question matched to your term's science subject from here or from your science program.

Citizenship/Government (Plutarch)

     1. Use the Year 7-10 Questions for this term's Plutarch from this page.

     2. "Character is what you are in the dark." Explain this.

     3. What is "lawful plunder?" Give some examples.

     4. Show how postmodernism has affected three of the following: mentality, business, class, science, education, social policy, global environment.

Arithmetic/Geometry (Questions from your math program may be substituted.)

     1. Solve for x: 68 = 4(2x + 3)

     2. The distance travelled by Bo and Zack is in the ratio 3:4. The distance travelled by Bo is 18 miles. Find the distance travelled by Zack.

     3. A teacher bought 26 sketchbooks for $37.70. How much did each book cost?

     4. Find the area of a circle with a diameter of 14 cm.

     5. 360 is what percent more than 320?

Foreign Language

     1. Make up a dialogue in your foreign language from a scene you read about in one of your books this term.

     2. Describe a picture in your language book, using your foreign language.

Picture Study

     1. Describe a picture from this term's picture study.


     Father should choose a poem, two Bible verses and/or a scene from Shakespeare learned this term for student to recite.

Music (such as playing an instrument)

     Parent or instructor should assess child's progress.

Music Appreciation

     1. Tell about your favorite piece of music from this term.

     2. Question to be taken from this term's Composer Study here.


     Sing your favorite folksong and hymn from this term.


     Show some work in handicrafts from this term to someone outside your family.

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