Exam Questions for Year 5 Term 3

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Date of Exam: _________________________


     1. What do you know about Hezekiah or Josiah?

     2. "Which of these was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves?" Tell the story.

     3. Give an account of the raising of Lazarus.


     Write 2-4 lines of a poem that you memorized this term.


     (Assigned passage is in the Exam Key.)


     1. Tell the story of Arion the musician, or Ibycus the pious poet.

     2. Write about something that happened to Kimball O'Hara/Kim.

English Grammar

     1. Underline every adjective, circle the adverb in the following:
   a. They stepped behind the thick trunks in the cool dark of the mango-tope.
   b. After a huge meal at Kalka, he spoke uninterruptedly.
   c. The old lady confided to Kim that these rare levels were beyond her.
   d. The thought of modern industry in the hands of Christian charity is a dream worth dreaming.

     2. Identify the part of speech of each italicized words:

          An angel, robed in spotless white,
          Bent down and kissed the sleeping Night.
          Night woke to blush; the sprite was gone.
          Men saw the blush and called it Dawn.

     3. Write a sentence that includes two adjectives and two adverbs.

U.S. History

     1. Tell all you know about the Battle of Gettysburg or General Sherman's march to the sea.

     2. Tell about the World's Fair in Chicago, or the Panama Canal.

     3. Write in some detail about two things Teddy Roosevelt is admired for.

World History

     1. Tell all you know about the Suez Canal, the Boer War, or the Boxer Rebellion.

     2. Did the bullet that killed Archduke Ferdinand start World War I? Explain.

     3. What do you know about Mohandas Gadhi?


     1. Describe the Magic Grotto or Athena's Temple.

     2. What do you know about the the Pyramids?

     3. Explain what plants need to grow.

Natural History and General Science

     1. List six animals you can find in the sea. Tell something about two of them.

     2. Tell about an inventor you read about this term and his invention.

     3. Choose one question matched to your term's Nature Study theme from here.

Citizenship/Government (Plutarch)

     Question will be taken from this term's Plutarch. *

Reading Skill

     Father to choose an unseen passage, giving marks for enunciation.

Arithmetic/Geometry (Questions from your math program may be substituted.)

     1. If x - 43,518 = 138,602, what is the value of x?

     2. If N divided by 14 = 236, what is the value of N?

     3. Kent and Grace are going to share the cost of a DVD that costs $29.90 so that Kent pays 3/5 of it and Grace pays 2/5 of it. How much will each person pay?

Foreign Language

     1. Tell about something you gave to someone recently.

     2. Describe a picture in your language book, using your foreign language.

Picture Study

     1. Describe a picture from this term's picture study.


     Father should choose a poem, two Bible verses and/or a scene from Shakespeare learned this term for student to recite.

Music (such as playing an instrument)

     Parent or instructor should assess child's progress.

Music Appreciation

     1. Tell about your favorite piece of music from this term.

     2. Optional; question will be taken from this term's Composer Study. *


     Sing your favorite folksong and hymn from this term.


     Show some work in handicrafts from this term to someone outside your family.

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