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The booklists, schedules, and articles on this website are subject to applicable copyright laws and the terms of this License. The copyright holders provide these materials to the general public free of charge solely through this website. You may use them legally within certain limits. This license is intended to guarantee your freedom to privately use this free curriculum in its pure and original form without charge, to personalize this free curriculum as needed for your own family's private use, to maintain the integrity of the copyrighted materials, and to insure that the materials remain free for all users.

Private schools may use the AO curriculum in whole or in part so long as they comply with the following: We require that any school, whether public, private, church, or cottage, which chooses to utilize or adapt the AmblesideOnline curriculum for all or a portion of its curriculum must provide each parent, teacher, and administrator with the notice at this link. No curriculum fee may be included in any fees, dues, or tuition that may be collected for the school. Schools must be in-person. We do not allow online schools or classes to utilize the AO curriculum unless the class is free. You may not charge a fee for online classes using AmblesideOnline.

You may adapt the materials for your own private use with your family, school, or co-op. You are permitted to privately distribute (but not publish or post online in any form) print copies of this licensed material, printed directly from this website, at no monetary charge. Any distributed copies of this program must include a link to this License Agreement for the legal protection of all concerned. You may not charge a fee for this material. It is free and should remain free. Permission to adapt for personal use does not grant permission for derivatives to be published in any form. Derivatives include but are not limited to variations of the schedule, book substitutions, or your own additions.

Questions regarding any of this License, particularly for use in an international setting, should be directed to the AmblesideOnline Advisory.

You are not authorized to distribute copies of these licensed materials on more than an individual basis, including, but not limited to, the inclusion of these materials within any form of distributed publication or generally accessible internet location, without the express written consent of the AmblesideOnline Advisory.

If the curriculum is modified and distributed in violation of this license, we want its recipients to know that what they have is not the original, so as to protect the reputations of the original authors. To that end, we encourage all users to compare any received copies of this curriculum to the materials posted by the Advisory at

The only legitimate, authoritative version of the AmblesideOnline curriculum is found on our website.

Anybody can and may use this curriculum by the terms of this license, but by choosing to use it, you are agreeing never to copyright it for your own use or to sell it. All copyrights of the authors of this curriculum are expressly retained and no ownership interest in such copyrights are transferred or assigned by reason of this license agreement. For the protection of each author and the curriculum as a whole, we want to make certain that everyone understands there is no warranty for this free curriculum.

AmblesideOnline and Your Privacy: The AmblesideOnline website does not collect information about our users, as we do not require registration to access our website and we do not collect user information via tracking cookies or Google Analytics.

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