Programme for Term 42 Form IB

Programme 42. (The 42nd term of work set since the P.R.S. began.)

Parents' National Educational Union

Parents' Review School


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Bible Lessons.
Church of Ireland Sunday School Lessons (III), by the Rev. J. Paterson Smyth (Glaisher, I/-); Joshua +, Lessons ix., x.; Judges, Lessons I., ii., iii., iv., v., vi.; The Acts, Lessons xvii., xviii., xix., xx., and those on Easter, Ascension, and Whitsunday. Children might use Nelson's Illustrated New Testament (I/II). Teacher to prepare beforehand as much of each lesson as the children can understand, and to use the Bible passages in teaching.
+ Joshua and Judges can be obtained separately in The Bible for the Young (Sampson, Law, 1/-).

A New Handwriting for Teachers, by M. M. Bridges (Mrs. Bridges, Yattenden, Newbury, 2/8), page 1, lines 1 and 2; page 3, lines 1 and 2. Two letters to be mastered each lesson. Transcribe from Reading Book in New Handwriting and write words from dictation.

Natural History.*
Keep Nature Note-Book. Watch and describe six water creatures. By Pond and River, by A. Buckley (Cassell, 6d.), pages 1-48. More About Wild Nature, by Mrs. Brightwen (Fisher Unwin, 1/6), pages 47-49. Describe six kinds of wild flowers.

London Geographical Readers + (Stanford), Book II. (1/6), pages 63-77. Book I. (1/-), pages 40-49. Map questions to be worked through with map before each lesson. Descriptions of any rivers, hills, mountains, etc., the child may know of, with plans. Children to be able to tell about six places in connection with recent events. "Pace the distance on each of four roads for 2, 4, 5, 6, minutes, and say in each case in which direction you walk."
+ Those who have not got these books may see Longman's New Geographical Readers. Book II (9d.), pages 60-81, Book III. (1/-), pages 82-103.

The Gouin Method: French Series on the Gouin Method, by F. Thémoin, First Book (Hachette, 1/2), pages 51-60. Make new sentences with the words learnt in these Series. Illustrated French Primer, by H. Bué (Hachette & Co.,1/2), pages 97-101 ; 134-137.

Chapter xii., A.B.C. Arithmetic, (Teacher's Book, Part I., gd., Sonnenschein). Tables up to twelve times twelve. Tables should be worked out in money thus : (9 x 7 = 63 pence = 5s. 3d.)
N.B.--The terms "tens" and "units," etc., should be used instead of "staves" and "cubes,", etc.
Beginners.--Chapters vi., vii., viii.
Books for Pupils, containing exercises only, are published at 4d. each.

Picture Talk.*
Study (in Object Lesson time) six reproductions of works of Burne Jones (see the Perry Pictures, Nos. 946-950 and 952-958). Teachers may use also Burne Jones (Bell, 1/-).

Six wild flowers and six animals in brushwork. For occasional use, Pour Dessiner Simplement, par V. Jacquot et P. Ravoux, cahier ii (Glaisher, 8d.).

The Pilgrim's Progress (Partridge, 9d.), Part II., pages 356-415 (from the riddle of Gaius, to the end). The Heroes of Asgard (Macmillan, 1/11), pages 263-313.

English History.
Old Stories from British History, by F. York Powell (Longmans, 9d.), pages 36-72. Mrs. Frewen Lord's Tales from S. Paul's (Sampson, Low, 9d.), pages 86-105.

To recite two poems, to learn three hymns, and a passage of six verses each from (a) Judges, (b) The Acts, in the Bible Lessons. Miss Wood's A First Book of Poetry (Macmillan, 1/11).

Read books used for History, Geography, and Tales.
Backward Children.--Happy Reader, Part II., by E. L. Young (Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., 9d.).

Child Pianist (Curwen & Son, 1/2), continue. Teacher's Guide (revised edition, 1/11).
See also programme of music in April Parents' Review: Our Work.

Three French songs, Chansons d' Enfants (Librarie Ch. Delagrave, Paris, Part II., 8d.). Ten Minutes' Lessons in Tonic Sol-fa (Curwen & Son, 1/2). Three English songs from Novello's School Song Book, XXI. (8d.).

Swedish Drills, from Musical Drills for the Standards (Philip & Son, 1/11). Ball Drills. Ex-Students take House of Education Drills.

Attend to garden (see Aunt Mai's Annual, 1894, Glaisher, 2/6). Claymodelling, by Mrs. Steinthal (Arnold, Leeds, 2/-): make six models. Self-Teaching Needlework Manual (Longmans, 9d.): children to be exercised in stitches, pages 1-15. Use coarse canvas and wool, then coloured cotton and coarse linen. Make a dish cloth with coarse white cotton on large pins.

*Where there are children in Ia. As well as in Ib., both Classes should work together, doing the work of Ib., or Ia. if the children are backward in subjects thus indicated.

N.B. 1.--All books mentioned in this Programme can be obtained at the prices quoted from G. J. Glaisher, Discount Bookseller, 58, High Street, Notting Hill Gate, London, W., and can be seen there before purchase.

N.B. 2.--For illustrations for History, Geography and Picture Talk, see the catalogue for the Perry Pictures (Glaisher, 3d.).

For methods of teaching the various subjects, see Home Education, Vol. 1. (Glaisher, 3/6 net) of the "Home Education" Series.

Proofread by Judy Elliott

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