"In general, the purpose of exams is to let the student show what they know, not what they don't know. The principle to use in shaping an exam for your child is: how can they show what they know?" -- Karen Glass

Karen also wrote a post about "What if my child doesn't remember?" on the AO Advisory blog.

AO mom Celeste Cruz talked with Cindy Rollins about exams for The Mason Jar podcast.

New Feature: Before you print out out one of these exams, try editing the "Student's name" and 'Date of Exam" at the top by replacing the line ___ with the relevant information.

Exams for AO Years 1-6:

Exams for AO Years 7-11:

7-9 in Two Years:

9-11 in Two Years:

Other Exams

Exams for Nature Study
Exams for Plutarch
Exams for AO4G (AmblesideOnline for Groups)

Exam Revision Schedule (2017)

Aug 16: Yr 3.5
Aug 24: 7/8, 8/9
Aug 29: Yr 9, 9Lite
Aug 29: 8/9 and 9/10
Aug 31: Yr 10, 10Lite
Sep 1: 9/10, 10/11
Sep 2: Yr 11, 11Lite
Sep 4: 10/11

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